UNIQLO x Roots: Humidifier

We were invited by BLACK Design to collaborate with UNIQLO Singapore to produce an art & design project for SingaPlural 2017 festival. Treading the fine lines between story-telling, brand identity, product design and installation, 'Humidifier' is conceived based on the innovative clothing technology AIRism by UNIQLO.

Product Concept AIRism, a fabric technology by UNIQLO, is known for their quick evaporation property. We repurposed this feature as a humidifying function, and in the process conceptualised an entirely new fictional product called 'Humidifier'.

The visual identity of 'Humidifier' is derived from the common laundry care symbols, with a new symbol designed specifically for the 'humidifying' property to be uniquely found in AIRism fabric.

As a natural extension from this symbol, the product identity becomes instantly understood, relevant and memorable.

Design storyboards

Exhibition The exhibition space is divided into visual and product story showcases. The product story adopts a raw, work-in-progress state of presentation to narrate how the 'Humidifier' is conceptualised and turned into physical prototypes, with working units on display.

Exhibition photo by Clarence Aw