Unfettered ink: The Writings of Chen Chong Swee

'Unfettered ink: The Writings of Chen Chong Swee' is a compilation of anecdotes, discourses and essays penned by the fame Nanyang-style watercolour artist spanning over 30 years.

Idea 'Unfettered ink' is primarily an essay book. To reflect the author as an artist, the book is designed to conceptually highlight Chen Chong Swee's art as a visual extension to his literary depth. A sliver of his art is progressively printed on the edge of each page. When the reader presses on the book to flip, the full artwork becomes visible.

This gesture physically translates the mutual intimate relationship between the art he practises, and the thoughts he penned throughout the years.

Dual-language sides The book comes in two languages, English and Chinese. The Chinese language, in right-to-left reading format, opens from the reverse side of the book. This allows us to insert a second piece of Chen Chong Swee's artwork to be printed on the overside, producing the same gesture-revealation experience for the Chinese language readers.

Typography & Layout

Printing The book was printed with Dominie Press, with the craftmanship and quality they are well-known for in the book making process.