'' is an independent book publishing initiative by Platform, held in conjunction with Singapore's 50th Independence Anniversary celebration in 2015. Twenty books of twenty photographers' work are curated and published over the course of two years.

Design We were engaged to design book identities and layouts for 19 of the 20 books. Each book shares the same constraint of fixed print specification and budget. Various visual techniques, layout treatments and typographic expressions are then explored to give each book a unique identity and design fitting to the photographic subjects.

For My Son, Darren Soh

Our Coastline, Lim Weixiang

Bay of Dreams, Kevin WY Lee

Two People, Sean Lee

Made in Singapore, Tay Kay Chin

Singapore 1925 - 2025, Robert Zhao Renhui

A Little Bit of Me From Everything Else, Matthew Teo

Articulate, Tan Ngiap Heng

The Land of My Heart, John Clang

Senseless Spaces, Chow Chee Yong

The Gift Book, Ernest Goh

We Are Farmers, Ore Huiying

Singaporelang - What the Singlish?, Zinkie Aw

School of Hard Knocks, Bernice Wong

Transit, Edwin Khoo

Defu, Sam&Sam

Common Wealth, Nicky Loh

Roots: A Granddaughter's Belated Search, Sim Chi Yin

Transitions, Bryan Van Der Beek