Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan — Singapura

MB-BT—SG is the Singapore edition of "Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan", an exhibition originally conceived by MBBT Group in Malaysia to celebrate local fruits through art and design.

Identity Design This one-off edition is a collaboration between LIE and Roots, and exhibited as part of The U Factory at Gillman Barracks.

We conceived the exhibition identity as an extention of the original. To highlight the participations of the two countries, the poster is conceptualised and designed to be flexibily framed flat or at an angle over a corner wall, where only one of the countries can be seen to create intrigue and pique curiosity.

Exhibition Submissions from 10 artists/designers in each countries include printed graphics, motion graphics, short film, sculptures, potted plants and photography. Through careful space and route planning, we successfully transformed the empty room into a vibrant content-filled space.

Website We conceptualised a unique interface design to highlight the cross-country theme of the exhibition. Visitors navigate the HTML website by dragging a divider to reveal information on both countries.

Reception The exhibition drew a large crowds on the debut night and has been well-received through word-of-mouth.