Anatomy of Performance

Presented by The Arts House, 'Anatomy of Performance' is a photographic exhibition on dance and theatre in Singapore by prominent photographer Tan Ngiap Heng. As part of his 'Work in Progress' project spanning over 4 years, 'Anatomy of Performance' captures the front and behind stage of various theatre productions.

Idea The main visual identity is one of the curated dance images. It is partially folded, revealing a corner image of the same backstage production. This mirror the nature of the exhibition.

Collateral The unfolding of the leaflet mimics anatomy movements seen in a dance performance. The overall typography treatment captures a sense of movement that plays with a visual rhythmn.

Exhibition Each of the eight stories are carefully placed and presented within the walking flow of the exhibition space. Complementing the main photographic images, these story boards enrich the audience with collected observations, anecdoctes and stories in form of written essays and visual journals by Ngiap Heng throughout his 4-year documentating this project.

Banner photo by Tan Nigap Heng